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Helping hand

Our main project is to promote education. In collaboration with the staff members of schools, we identify the bright and deserving students to be sponsored. We also study their family history and analize their parents income in order to choose and support them. Our team personally get in touch with the beneficiaries and guide them through numerous counselling processes involving parents and family members. We take note of every possible ways to support and come up with the best solution for each individual.
There are many students who drop out from the education institutes due to lack of financial resources. That is where we want to help and let them realise their full potential. This leads to their own welfare and hence the community around them. Beside supporting education of deserving students, we are also engaged in promoting modern and holistic education in rural areas through awareness programmes and counselling services.



Awareness workshops

Our other project is dedicated towards the environment and sustainable livelihood.
Although environmental initiatives are being undertaken in Ladakh compared to the rest of India, the himalayan region remains fragile, especially impacted by the massive use of plastic. As responsible inhabitants of the Himalayas we strive to save the ecological balance of the region. 


The association works mainly in our partner schools and offers :
- Action based workshops to raise awareness of sustainable development from an early age : educational gardens, recycling techniques, eco-friendly activities, etc.
- Construction of ecological initiatives : dry toilets, greenhouses and solar panels, sprinkler systems, etc.


We carry out such programmes with the participation of locals, teachers, associations, financial partners, environment enthusiasts and various organizations. Among other structures, we can refer to GoodPlanet Foundation headed by Yann Arthus Bertrand (France) and local NGO LEHO working on sustainable agriculture for twenty years (Ladakh).



Promoting and preserving the local handicraft

Additionally our project focus on reviving local tradition and handicrafts which are vulnerable in the modern times. These disappearing arts have been an inherent contributor to the economic prosperity of local people of Ladakh region. We at SOTHI pledge to closely work with the artisans, help them preserve the richness and diversity of these local arts. 

A presentation venue called “Hatti” is currently under construction in the center of Leh, the regional capital of Ladakh. This space dedicated to craftsmen will allow them to present their arts and sell their products, in order to earn a reasonable living. 

The two essential ideas of the project : 
- Support artisans to increase the visibility of their activities among the local population, as well as Indian and foreign tourists by conducting exhibitions, conferences, completing the construction of the Hatti showroom etc. 
- Organize workshops and hence preserve and pass the knowledge especially to the younger generation.

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