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Education system in Ladakh, India

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Ladakh lies in the northern most Region of India. It is located on the old Silk Road, a place with unique culture and humble people. Leh is the capital of Ladakh and is rapidly expanding and developing in all spheres. After having been influenced by multiple tradition and cultures, the region has developed its own style of thinking and being. However, after the creation of the Independent Indian National State, in 1947, Ladakh has been incorporated into a heterogeneous nation state. India has so many different cultures and languages to represent, hence has created multiple boards of education. They attempt to enhance education according to their regional ethics and requirements.

The way an individual is educated has an incredibly large impact on the rest of his life. The support, information, and opportunities they receive from a young age affect who they will eventually become as adults.

The region of Ladakh is relatively large with spare population and far flung villages. Most of the area is covered by snow mountains and valleys. However, in spite of the challenging terrain, Ladakh has managed to create an education system . This system includes government funded facilities, privately funded institutions, as well as monastic and other religiously funded institutions.

The Capital city Leh has a very good schooling system and students from remote villages come in to the city for quality education. Every village in Ladakh has a school but the infrastructure and teaching methods have not been very ideal for growth and many students drop out even before reaching high school.

In terms of higher education and university, Ladakh has been a neglected region by the Indian State. Even the capital leh has only a handful of colleges with limited resources. After high school, most of the students migrate to other Indian states to attain higher education. Unfortunately many students are unable to opt for higher education due to financial burden and they eventually lose the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Fortunately in the recent times, by the efforts of student unions and able leaders of Ladakh, the Indian government has started acknowledging the importance of higher education system in Ladakh.

Today everyone is striving for better education and the people of Ladakh also wish to be at the same front line of the highest education quality.

Through the works of our Organisation, we wish to be a part of the rising and emerging Ladakh. Join our organization to be a part of this novelty cause and rejoice to see a community grow and built itself.

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