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How to become a sponsor ?


Takpa Stanzin.jpg


December 31, 2012

2020-21 : Class 1st

School : Siddhartha Stok village
Hobbies : Coming soon


Thanks to you, the sponsored child will be able to enroll in a school and access an educational program specific to his culture. Many of the children in Ladakh are boarders because of the difficulties in making the journey home to school: infrastructure of the roads, facilities, snow, long distances. Your generosity also helps improve school living conditions: transport, food, clothing, essential supplies. Each sponsorship is personalized according to the family situation and the student's needs. The head of the establishment prepares a detailed invoice for the use of funds required for one year. The entire donation is paid to him during the summer in the presence of one of the members of the association and the child's parents if possible. 


The amount of your annual contribution is 250 € per year (0.70 € / day). This payment allows you to benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the donation made to our association with a maximum of 20% of your taxable income. Supporting a student's education for a year actually costs you only 85 €.


The duration of the sponsorship is up to every individual sponsor. You choose.


At the start of any sponsorship programme, you will receive information about the child and his family: photos, contact details, as well as a tax receipt for your donation.

Becoming the godfather or godmother of a child also means creating a unique bond with people living on the other side of the world, via the exchange of letters, drawings, photos, digital messages throughout the year. Note, however, that discussions with your godchild will be in English. Do not be worried: for more hesitant sponsors, the association offers to translate your letters.

You may also deliver us small gifts that will be taken away during missions by our executive members and delivered to the child personally and discreetly. Note, that it is not advisable, to date, to send parcels by yourself because they are often misplaced in small post offices such as  in Ladakh. However, this practice of gifts is not mandatory.


We understand and respect the sensitivity of each sponsor and his desire to build up a special bond with the godson. Do not hesitate to ask the association to ease such communication gap. You will gradually get to know the child and feel a certain pride in accompanying him during his school career. We will keep you informed of his progress. You will hear from the sponsored child as soon as possible, our team being present with them during the summer mainly.

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