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Contribute for change

Donations, even small ones help make big changes. By participating, you support us in our action towards the educational, cultural and environmental projects and the welfare of the entire ladakhi community.

According to the French government, If you are a French citizen, Your contribution is tax deductible up to 66%. A deposit of 100 €, for example, actually costs you only 44 €.


We thank you for your kind gesture of support and we are committed to informing you of our actions.



Help a child

In close collaboration with those in charge of schools, we identify the pupils to be sponsored based on one hand their family history and on the other, the income of their parents. Our team is committed to stay in contact with each beneficiaries and their family members: thanks to these strong and healthy relationship that helps to provide appropriate attention to each student's individual situation.


Many students give up due to lack of resources and financial support. Our strength i.e we are physically present by their side (members of the association residing in Ladakh) to help them develop their potential and improve their well-being.


As part of these actions to support student education, we are committed to remaining attentive to the educational project of the establishments.



Contribute your time

Do you want to join our team other than through financial support but don't know where to start ? Participate by investing your time to the cause and the association to assist us in setting up the existing or new projects.


Every little bit counts, from home or in the field, to make the way for a better future.

Contact us today for more details and to know how you can help us.

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